The Secrets Of Innovative Shelving

There are no limits to innovation when it comes to shelving. It can go far, far beyond what you would traditionally find in the high street and can yield some very creative designs that are deceptively effective at providing quality, easy to access storage that doesn’t break the bank.

When buying selves one of the greatest considerations you will have is the strength of it. The likelihood is that the shelf will find more and more weight placed on it over the years, so it is imperative that you find quality materials that will stand up to the test of time. If you are choosing a wood shelving system it is best to go for those with a tight ring growth. For example, those woods that originate from Scandinavia are particularly strong and reliable. But the wood means nothing without a similarly high quality supporting structure. All struts and supports should be more than adequate to hold a full shelf without bending or even creaking.

These days modular shelves are all the rage. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a transitory phase that will soon be out of fashion, it is far more fundamental than that. Modular shelving allows flexibility and the ability to tailor your furniture to fit in certain spaces without worrying about size or space. One of the best features of this is that you can add to the modules, making them bigger if you decide to move the shelves.

The modular nature of the shelving system should also be easy to assemble. This should ideally be done in minutes, rather than hours spent pouring over some very technical looking documentation. Again, the modular aspect plays an important roll by allowing you to reassemble at your will without it being a massive undertaking that can eat up hours.

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