Can Subliminal Weight Loss Help You Lose Weight?

Food restrictive diets have a bad track record – as over 98% of people that use them will not lose any weight – in fact, most people actually gain weight as a result. In secret, many diet experts think that they have been shown to be ineffective, especially as the incidence of obesity is rising and has become a major health problem. Disappointed by years of disappointment, more and more people betrayed by food restrictive diets and regimes are turning to complementary ways to lose weight. One of the more common is the use of weight loss hypnosis to re-train the mind to feel and behave differently.

It may seem like science fiction, weight loss hypnosis cures are simply suggestions that are delivered at a level that is near or below the subject’s range of hearing. For most people, these suggestions are perceived as a whisper or murmur embedded into a piece of music. Although strictly speaking a true subliminal cannot be heard by the individual, there is no scientific proof to suggest that these are an effective way to lose weight. Research indicated that if there is no conscious perception of the suggestions most people are simply not convinced that anything is happening.

However, the same study shows that ‘subliminal messages that can be heard but not always consciously understood, can and do make a significant difference to the mindset’ of the person who wants to lose weight. The data suggest that the very fact that an individual can discern the suggestions at a conscious level, without actually being to distinguish all of the suggestions is enough to allow the messages to work.

It is these types of subliminal suggestions and weight loss hypnosis programmes that are being turned to as a more effective way to reduce weight. Yet subliminal suggestions are not just used to help people lose weight, several studies have provided positive feedback on the impact of hypnosis and meditation not only in weight loss but also in curing addictions to tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. The effective role of changing behaviour using subliminal suggestions has been confirmed through such studies.

However, the suggestions contained on the subliminal audio should be created by a therapist, ideally someone with a proven track record as a therapist or talking cures professional. Just type ‘talking cures’, ‘talking therapy’ or the like into Google and you’ll find someone, after all it is the professionalism of the therapist that enables their client to unconsciously react to the suggestions given by carefully influencing them to change their behaviour so they can naturally begin to lose weight.

Another element that influences the effectiveness of a weight loss hypnosis treatment is its frequency of use. Weight loss professionals agree that an average of two to three weeks of regular use four to five times a week will produce the best results, as this allows the hypnotic suggestions to become a natural way of thinking and behaving.

Subliminal weight loss will never be a magic bullet for weight loss. It might not help you magically lose weight overnight, but, it will, over time allow you to change your behaviour and move you along the right track to success. For many of us, a little motivation and guidance is all we require to start to make a change in our own lives and start down the road to real weight loss.

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