Study finds Brits are keen to move to Spain

There are many reasons why people decide to take Spanish classes in London and elsewhere. Some individuals want to learn the language to enable them to make the most of holidays, while others need to speak Spanish for their careers. However, another reason for people to take Spanish lessons in London is to prepare them to emigrate to another country.

And it seems demand for such classes may be high at present. Research conducted by Skyscanner found that 90 per cent of individuals it polled would consider moving abroad for better financial prospects. Meanwhile, after Australia, Spain was the most popular destination among respondents.

The survey found that the current economic problems in the UK combined with a perception that property is less expensive overseas and job prospects are better accounted for almost a third of all reasons for emigrating.

Responding to the findings, Dave Isley, head of NatWest International Personal Banking, said: “Expatriate workforces are becoming more cosmopolitan with more than 50 per cent of companies now employing more than one nationality. Women make up 22 per cent of the expatriate workforce, up from six per cent, 15 years ago.

“In terms of the time spent overseas, the average time spent working out of the country on various assignments is 5.4 years.”

Of those who wanted to head to pastures new, 15 per cent identified Australia as their preferred destination, followed closely by Spain on 14 per cent. Many of those who want to move to this country may consider making the most of Spanish classes in London. Thankfully, there are now superb providers of Spanish lessons in London, meaning individuals can benefit from the best possible standard of teaching.

Meanwhile, other nations that were popular among those considering starting again abroad were the US, Canada and New Zealand, which received 13 per cent, eight per cent and seven per cent of the votes respectively.

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