Window cleaning in Leeds can be made easy

Nearly all people do not enjoy the chore of cleaning windows even if they easily access them. The dangers of climbing steps or ladders can put some people off. Offices are of course a different proposition, as are tower blocks.


Houses come in various sizes, styles and floors but whatever the house, unless it be a bungalow, there will be a window that will be difficult to access. They will need ladders or steps, and then you will need to carry a bucket and a chamois up the ladders with you. Window cleaners will be able to do this for you and will also wash the window sills if you desire. Whilst they are there, they may also be able to wash the soffits and guttering, all areas that are higher than the windows and thus normally out of reach of the house owner. Some window cleaners now have long reach poles through which pure water is pumped and this allows for even cleaner windows.


As with houses, offices can be a converted house or a purpose built building, but whichever they are they will have inaccessible windows. The window cleaner will be able to clean these for you, wash the sills and facia boarding on a regular basis and keep the offices presentable for the customers, thus giving a good impression. Some offices will be more than six floors high and this will need more than a ladder, possibly a hydraulic lift, and this will need a professional to operate. For even taller office blocks it may well be necessary to use a cradle from the roof and this will need a licence to operate and specialist people to operate the cradles.

Tower blocks

Tower blocks are the worst of all buildings for window cleaners. It may be that the blocks have twist and tilt windows in which case the windows will be accessible from the inside, but with the need for safety catches it may be that they have restricted access and thus the only way to clean is using a cradle from the roof.

Employ a professional window cleaner but do insist that he is insured.

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