Industrial Uses for Temporary Fencing

A temporary fence is the collective name given to any short term surrounding which, as the name might suggest and as with permanent fencing, is designed to either keep something in or something out of a particular area. As with other penning solutions they have a number of different uses throughout many industries.

For the Building Site

One of the most common ways of seeing a temporary fence in an industrial setting would be the iron fences which quite often surround a working construction area or building site. These posts are often demanded by Health and Safety legislation as well as basic security and insurance requirements. The fences are normally constructed using a concrete anchor in which the end pole of a gauzed metal fence is wedged. The end pole of another panel is often also placed into the same anchor and the two are then locked together at intervals throughout the height of the pole. A distinct advantage of using a fence like this is that they can be quickly and easily erected and dismantled, are lightweight and relatively cost effective and they can be easily opened with the right tools to create a doorway for personnel or an entrance for deliveries.

Highway Maintenance

For obvious health and safety reasons if a public road or pathway must be burrowed into it is essential to keep pedestrians and motorists away from the danger zone. Although a former solution to this was a wrought iron spike or post with heavy duty barrier mesh weaved around it this was not without its disadvantages, not least the fact that mesh is easily destroyed and can be vulnerable against the elements. For this reason many councils and highway maintenance companies now choose to use heavy duty plastic free-standing barriers in neon colours to clearly mark out the area of risk.

The Law

As of 2010 any temporary fencing must adhere to British Standards to protect both the erector and the general public. Although these are numerous and complex they mainly relate to the sizes and weights along with specific regulations on the use of certain types of fencing for certain areas. provides temporary fencing. We provide new, top quality vinyl fencing and decking products around the UK. Visit our site if you’re looking for temporary fencing for your business.

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