Antique brass knobs

Give chests of drawers a traditional look with antique brass knobs

Renovate period pieces of furniture, and as well as working on the finish of the wood, a change of handles might be required. If some of the handles are broken or missing, new features might have to be sourced. This is the perfect opportunity to fit Antique brass knobs that are in keeping with the traditional look and design of the furniture item. Finding original Antique brass knobs might prove to be rather difficult though, it’ll take tolerance and a great deal of rummaging around. Be patient though and the results of the hard work will be worth it because you’ll know that you have fitted truly authentic Antique brass knobs to the chests that you’re renovating.

Of course, there are other options you could consider for Antique brass knobs that you could consider to save time and effort.

Do the antique brass knobs have to be originals?

Wouldn’t reproduction Antique brass knobs look just as good? You’ll limit your options if you want to fit original Antique brass knobs from Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian periods. Sure, you could ring around a few reclamation yards that specialise in reclaimed flooring, doors and features from period properties and ask them if they have any Antique brass knobs in stock. Do you really want to put yourself through this process though? Reproduction Antique brass knobs are cast in the traditional styles of the originals and you can’t tell the difference between the two. They’re made from the same high quality materials and look just as stunning when fitted to furniture items.

Choose the period you want the antique brass handles from

Various designs of Antique brass knobs are available with designs and styles from specifics periods in time. Look for Antique brass knobs from a particular period in time or be ready to be inspired simply by looking at numerous collections of furniture accessories.

Online stores that specialise in Antique brass knobs are the best places to visit if you’re looking for a little inspiration. Here you’ll find a wealth of top quality Antique brass knobs with styles and designs to suit all tastes, priced with the budget-conscious shopper in mind.

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