Caters used in wedding of Heidi Withers

Heidi Withers made the headlines over the summer after an email sent by her fiancé’s stepmother branded her uncivilised. The correspondence criticised her alleged lack of manners and described her behaviour as “staggering in its uncouthness and lack of grace”.

However, the 28-year-old PA, who lives in Dulham, has now tied the knot with other half Freddie Bourne despite the family feud.

Recently, she and her beau walked down the aisle at a 13th century church in the Cotswolds and then they went on to have a reception at Berkeley Castle.

To help make the event special, the pair used the assistance of caterers. These days, many couples utilise caterers in Middlesex, event caterers in London and so on in order to help ensure their big days run smoothly.

In a bid to avoid being snapped by the photographers waiting as she made her way into the church, Heidi covered her entire head using a parasol with a white veil draped over it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, her now step-mother-in-law was not present at the event. According to the Daily Telegraph, she was on a walking holiday with her husband and friends instead.

According to those who did attend, the wedding was a success. The groom’s natural mother Penelope Godfrey said: “It was absolutely amazing; in fact everybody said it was the best wedding they had ever been to. It was a very, very successful day.”

Asked if the mother-in-law email had been brought up during the celebrations, she added: “We’re not that sort of family. They’re just a young couple who love each other very much getting married.”

Meanwhile, father of the bride Alan Withers stated: “It was a wonderful day. Everyone had a wonderful time but I won’t be making any further comment.”

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