The Most Dangerous Sports

There is a big difference between the most dangerous sports in the world and the most dangerous in terms of injury. Whilst base jumping may carry a huge risk with it, very few people around the world will participate in such an activity and therefore the actual number of injuries or fatalities that result from the sport will actually be quite low.

Bull riding, diving and big wave surfing may all be extremely dangerous in terms of potential repercussions but the sports with the highest level of injury are far more humble. Football, rugby, cycling and basketball all come in the top ten, with even the seemingly innocuous pursuit of cheerleading being high up on the list.

Therefore, whilst such sports may seem relatively safe on the surface, figures show that a huge number of injuries are sustained from these sports every year, and the majority of statistics don’t even take into account very minor injuries.

As such, no matter which sport you take part in, it is likely to be wise to have someone on hand with the right knowledge of first aid for sports and the right first aid kit, specifically chosen to suit your given sport.

Items as simple as EAB tape or a sports ice pack may seem to offer very few benefits on the surface, but the right treatment of even the slightest injury at the earliest possible stage could make the difference between something that is simply walked off and something which develops into a chronic problem.

So, just because your chosen sport might not seem as dangerous as the likes of white water rafting or high-altitude climbing, the chances are that the potential for injury may well be a great deal higher than you think. And it doesn’t take much thought or money to be prepared.

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