Service management software that works

If you are looking to identify possible faults in your business plan by locating employees that do not have the same productivity rates as they once had, courtesy of the service management software that we provide this can help in the best possible way. When we say that we are able to provide service management software that is designed to last, we mean it. All of our technology is created in-house and we know the exact process behind its creation. But how can this benefit you?

Helping to track the jobs which are completed, once a job has become active the driver who is closest to this area can then travel there and start to work on this job. Once it has been completed, a photo of this is sent back to your administrators who can then digitally save it. The service management software that we provide can also assist when customers need to sign off that the job has been completed. Therefore, when a signature is obtained this item of work can be categorised as being complete. The invoice for this work is then incredibly easy to process and results in less paper being used in order for a company to be paid.

The mobile workforce management software which we provide is just as impressive. Unlike what you might have at the moment, our mobile workforce management software helps your workers to be notified of a job by being sent the exact address that they need to travel to. Therefore, this can assist with working out how many miles your drivers travelled and this makes the process of claiming back mileage allowance very easy. Choosing mobile workforce management software can help to streamline a business in so many ways.

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