Signs Of Miscarriage and Their Implications

All pregnant women should become aware of the signs of miscarriage if they want to have a healthy and successful delivery. Miscarriage is the unintended loss of an unborn child within the first trimester to early second trimester of pregnancy. Pregnancy completes its cycle after which is more or less 9 months, which is divided into three parts or trimesters. A miscarriage is considered if the loss of the unborn child happens with in the first to fifth month pregnancy or 20 weeks. It it is considered to be a “still born” if the loss of unborn child happens after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Miscarriage at times occurs while the woman is not conscious that she is expecting a child. According to scientific studies, miscarriage happens to 15% of known pregnancies. Before we proceed with the signs of miscarriage, we have to first find out about its possible causes.

Causes of Miscarriage
. Structural abnormalities of chromosomes;
. Structural anomalies in the woman’s reproductive system that forbids the embryo from developing properly;
. Premature dilation of weak cervix;
. Increased risk of miscarriage due to previous miscarriages (two or more);
. Increased risk of miscarriage due to excessive tobacco use;
. Increased risk of miscarriage for women 35 years old and above (women who choose career first and delay pregnancy until late 30s usually experience miscarriage);
. Increased risk of miscarriage for women with health problems such as systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetes, thyroid problems and several autoimmune diseases;
. Infection of the uterus and fetal membranes that cause the untimely rupture of membranes, ultimately causes premature labor;
. Autoimmune diseases causing the woman’s body to mistakenly recognize the fetus as dangerous, and subsequently attack it;
. Carelessness, or being accident or injury prone during pregnancy;
. Diagnosis of uterine fibroids or abnormal growths in the uterus that are non-cancerous;
. Hormonal imbalances brought on by psychological problems, some endocrine disorders, as well as weight problems;
. Health-risky practices that damages the body, which includes alcohol and drug abuse.

Symptoms of Miscarriage
If you know that you or someone you care about is pregnant, you need to be familiar with certain signs of miscarriage so that you can immediately seek assistance once it occurs. Here are the signs and symptoms you need to be cautious about.

. Vaginal bleeding, spotting and muscle cramps are one of the most early signs of miscarriage
. Light to moderate to severe spasms or contractions in the stomach area
. Fetal heartbeat is lost
. Absent fetal movements
. Abrupt loss in weight
. Unusual vaginal discharge
. Gasping for breath and other problems with breathing
. Small chunks of tissue or blood clots while bleeding
. Pregnancy symptoms are no longer experienced, including nausea/vomiting, lightheadedness, breast tenderness, etc;
. White to pinkish discharge that occurs consistently happening for up to 15-20 min. that is sometimes accompanied by painful contractions

Abdominal pain is an usual characteristic of miscarriage, nonetheless it mustn’t be regarded as a foolproof sign of miscarriage. In some cases, women that are pregnant have abdominal pain however it is not linked to miscarriage but to some other disease. On the other hand, there are a few times when that a woman is already having miscarriage but yet doesn’t sense any pain or cramping

Testing for miscarriage is very important. Being medically examined will confirm whatever problem you’re in. An abnormally low hCG levels compared to the normal range that a pregnant woman must have could be one of the most persuading signs of miscarriage.
A septic miscarriage is quite probable if you have infection in the uterus that is marked by foul-smelling discharge breaking out in fever, abdominal cramping for a long period of time and fever.

All pregnant women should be aware that a frequent or regular prenatal check-up is essential to avoid miscarriage. Healthy and balanced diet plan, keeping away from dangerous substances for example alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs, exercising regularly and maintaining weight are a few of the effective ways to reduce the risk of miscarriage.

The signs of miscarriage listed above should be considered as only as manifestations but not as certain fact. This list has to be used as a general guideline in order for the pregnant woman as well as the people around her to be more conscious of what is happening. However, make sure you visit your health care provider immediately and seek help the moment you go through these signs of miscarriage.

Warning: if you are experiencing more serious signs of miscarriage that are not included here, it’s important to get diagnosed as quickly as possible to know what kinds of treatment solutions are available.

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