Weekends In London

London is the best place to spend long, lazy and leisurely weekends for many reasons. You can choose either to stay inside your room in a luxurious hotel – London has plenty of 5-star accommodations – or to wander the streets of the British capital to wonder at its attractions. So, book a single room or luxury suite in one of the London hotels now, start planning your weekend in the city, and begin dreaming of the pleasures your mini-getaway will bring.

When planning your weekend mini-vacation to London, you will be faced with numerous options. First, you can plan it on your own in the sense that your itinerary while in the city is entirely of your own making. You can look at the map of the city, pinpoint the attractions, activities and places you want to enjoy, and then plan your itinerary for the 2-day period.

Second, you can let other people do the planning side. You can then just enjoy the best sights and sounds of the city as the travel experts point them out. Your choices in this regard are aplenty, too – many London hotels as well as tour operators and travel agencies offer special weekend deals to the city. These weekend packages usually include accommodations, tickets to attractions and freebies so that clients can truly enjoy their time in London with as little hassle as possible.

Each option has its pros and cons, obviously. If you choose the do-it-yourself route, you can enjoy London according to your heart’s desires – no tour guide to slow down or hurry up your time but you can become lost in the vastness of the city. If you choose the weekend packages, you can see the best sights in London but you may sometimes feel like sheep being herded in a group.

Choose the option that suits your preferences. Well, you can always go on both options and, thus, enjoy the best of both worlds – one at a time, of course. In either case, you should always have a room booked in one of the hotels in London preferably nearest the places on your planned itinerary. For example, if you intend to shop for fashionable clothes for the weekend, then find a hotel in or near Oxford Street.

So, what can you do on a weekend in London? Plenty, of course, although you can also just sit back and take in the charms of the city on the River Thames. You may also just enjoy the services, facilities and amenities from the spa and sauna to the gourmet restaurant and bar of one of the London hotels.

Let’s assume that you want to be out and about the city instead of being cooped up in a hotel. London has so many attractions that your days and nights of the weekend can go like the following itinerary. On Friday evening, you will arrive at the city and check into your hotel room after which you can choose to either go down for dinner or ask for room service. You may then spend the night resting on your bed in preparation for tomorrow’s activities or go partying.

On Saturday, you can start your visits to the top attractions in the city. We suggest riding the London Eye for panoramic views of central London, visiting the Tower of London, enjoying lunch at the Borough Market, and cruising down the River Thames, among others. Then on Sunday, you can visit Camden Market, see the city from a sightseeing coach tour, and stroll through Hyde Park.

Yes, such an itinerary sounds tempting. Well, book your room in one of the best London hotels and enjoy the city this weekend!