4 Fabulous Acne Removal Treatments

Most of us know the pains of acne & acne scars. They’re unsightly, irritating, embarrassing, not to mention, SUPER challenging to get rid of. But, does that mean they must just be permitted to remain on your skin without any resistance? Of course not! In lieu of doing nothing at all, you need to start making use of an acne remover and/or an acne scar remover to get rid of and safeguard your skin from acne, pimples, and any scars that might appear after. If you aren’t aware of any, well, then today is your lucky day. Right below are 4 acne remover remedies you may start utilizing right away!

Get Rid of Your Breakouts and Scars With These Natural Acne Oils…

Start Using Oregano Oil: This is yet another product that can be applied directly to your acne scars. This oil will help to bring all the fluids in your acne cysts to the surface of your skin and allow them to drain out. When the cysts are drained, you can cease using this oil and then start applying peroxide to allow the cysts to more quickly scab over. When they’ve finally scabbed over, honey is wonderful for completing the healing “stage” so you do not get those nasty scars.

Use Coconut Oil: If you are considering utilizing coconut oil on the skin with cotton balls, ensure that you use extra virgin coconut oil, which possesses all the natural attributes necessary to get rid of acne scarring. Coconut oil can also be quite effective for soothing and smoothing the skin surface whilst not adding additional bacteria. This miraculous remedy will allow you to get smoother, less scarred skin in a very short matter of time.

Olive Oil Rub: This age old cure is useful for a lot of things including acne scarring as it helps to produce smoother skin and minimize the appearance of scars. It’s regarded by many acne “gurus” to be the best acne scar remover because it produces really good results in a fairly short period of time.

Groundnut Oil Skin Rub: Add a bit of lime juice and apply the oil directly on your skin with a Q-tip or cotton swab. In all honesty, this concoction doesn’t really eliminate scars & breakouts so much as it revitalizes the skin and creates a more natural glow.

With natural remedies such as these being readily available, there is absolutely no reason to rely on costly prescription drugs and insanely expensive acne remover creams. Just begin using these SAFE & all natural oils (not to mention other natural acne home remedies) and your face will be cleared up in weeks, guaranteed!

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