Why Apple is Right for Schools

Traditionally, PCs were the mainstay of any school. And even a decade ago, the number of available computers was fairly limited. Yet, today, not only are there more computers than ever, but the majority of schools are actually looking to purchase the slightly more expensive Macs instead. So why is using Apple in education now so popular?

Ultimately, there are many reasons. Art schools and colleges were the first to change to Apple in education, predominantly for the fact they were far more creative machines and offered those interested in artistic or musical pursuits far more scope.

It wasn’t long before those in charge realised that Apple products were simply more appealing to students due to one main thing – they are more fun. As more colleges and schools started to use them, more and more realised that they were also more reliable and that students would get far more done on Apple machines.

The kicker has come over the last few years as more and more students have become used to using Apple products with the likes of iPhones and iPads being common for many children. As such, schools have even started to introduce iPads for education since they allow far more flexibility in the classroom, take up far less room and are simply more appealing to students.

With students so used to using Apple products, they associate the product with fun and great potential. Not only that, but the range of software available for the Mac to help children learn is now extremely vast. As such, they will get far more out of using an iPad for education than they would sat in front of a stuffy old PC.

So for those schools looking to offer children far more, and get far better results in the process – an Apple a day may be just what the doctor ordered.

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