A Better Deal For Consumers

Canon are a great manufacturer of printers and they generally provide great printer cartridges as well. However, even with a fantastic manufacturer and a quality product, Canon printer ink cartridges can still cost a lot of money and many consumers feel that it is simply too much. For anyone who uses their printer often, Canon printer cartridges can seem like more of an investment than the printer itself. Depending on the model of printer, the Canon inks available can cost up to half of the original printer itself. It is not surprising that many people feel that the cartridges are overpriced.

There is a reason for this, however. Many printer companies have ended up selling their printers at rock bottom prices through a ‘razor and blades’ business model. They intend to make their money through Canon printer cartridges. For consumers, it is massively important that they investigate the prices of printer cartridges before actually buying the printer because it is in these that most of your investment will be. The printer itself has become almost like an expendable object because over its lifetime most of the money will be invested in cartridges.

There are alternatives however. Compatible inks have reached such a level of quality that they can now compete with the originals. They are also dependable and reliable, but most of all, they are cheaper. In most cases the cartridges also contain significantly more ink than branded alternatives, meaning that not only are they cheaper but they also last for longer. For anyone who is using their printer on a regular basis, this will be great news. It protects the investment in the printer and means that they can be less conscious about how much they are printing. Compatible inks are challenging the business model of printer manufacturers, and maybe in time, something will change?

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