Do You Need Home Emergency Cover?

Having the package of insurance for your home and its contents is absolutely essential. The vast majority of homeowners have buildings insurance while both homeowners and tenants benefit from contents insurance, but do you have home emergency cover? If your heating breaks down or your boiler stops working would you have the money to be able to get it repaired quickly and professionally? With home emergency cover you don’t need to worry about the financial costs of such repairs.


Home emergencies can crop up at any time and few us are truly skilled enough to be able to make plumbing repairs. None of us should attempt gas or electricity repairs unless we are fully skilled and qualified. However, if a broiler breaks down or a water pipe bursts, it is vital that these repairs are made as quickly as possible and that they are completed professionally.


As with any form of insurance, your actual coverage will vary depending on the policy you choose and your insurer. Some insurers provide more in their basic packages than others do in their comprehensive coverage and it is important to look at what exactly is included as part of the price you pay. Choosing the wrong home emergency cover could actually end up costing you more so be sure that you understand your policy in detail before committing to making a purchase.


Home emergency cover usually costs a few pounds a month and it offers you complete peace of mind. If your heating packs up in the middle of winter or your shower breaks down when you need to get ready for work you can have them repaired quickly and by professional trades people without having to pay the whole cost yourself.


There are many important types of insurance, not least for the home and its contents. Home emergency cover offers another layer of protection so that if you are faced with an emergency like a broken boiler or burst water pipe you can have the repairs done by a professional company without you having to foot the entire bill for the work to be completed.


Home emergency cover from UIA gives you peace of mind and ensures that you can enjoy quality repairs from skilled trades people even in emergencies.