Home and Office Hardware Solutions

If you are interested in receiving a huge increase in computer power for quicker multitasking then it is worth considering an upgrade to an Intel Core processor for desktops. With an intelligent mainframe that picks up the pace for demanding tasks such as downloading music and playing games, the Intel Core processor moves just as rapidly as you do.

Picking from the choice of Intel Core workstations can be daunting as there are numerous systems on offer such as the entry-level i3, mid-range i5 and high-end performance i7 system. These systems are the next generation of 64-bit, multi-core desktop processor. Completely redeveloped, they are carefully designed specifically for higher performance at a lower cost.

Considerable progress of visual and 3D graphics offers an outstanding and modernized visual experience to anyone who comes into contact with it. Whether you are interested in gaming or watching movies in high definition, you will instinctively experience an increase in performance. Depending on the function, you will find these 2nd generation workstations to be up to ten times faster than those previously available.

And then there is the issue of network storage to discuss. This can improve waste efficiency across your organisation but may require investment costs up front. Graphics, video and audio have now become as frequent as word processing documents and spreadsheets on business servers, alongside databases, which have grown to match their crucial significance to the organisation.

At the same time, the need for access across a network and beyond has skyrocketed, making security contemplation even more problematical. If a computer managed to break down or there were a break in and computers were stolen, everything is not lost. This is why network storage solutions now take precedence at the top of the list for small, medium and large organisations.