Link building: matters of trust

Each SEO link building campaign is different. Many rules do not apply to all the cases involved in the same fashion. This means that techniques have to be tailored to fit the specific needs of each site. Despite this critical point, there are some basic principles of a universal nature. One of these is that a link building company has to ensure that a site is trusted by users. If it is not, the repercussions in terms of potential link attraction can be severe.

At we devise and implement multifaceted site-specific campaigns. We gradually attract inbound links to the sites which we are culpable for. This means that we adhere to ethical techniques in all we do. However, sticking to the ethical framework of the search engines is not enough to build trust safely. The social media have to be utilised in accordance with the correct etiquette. In addition, other precautions need to be taken.

It is easy for user trust in a site to be diminished. For example, if a site is using a Twitter campaign to gather more attention it is possible that the whole thing can go awry. If an inappropriate Direct Message is replied to then it is feasible for an unauthorised person to hack into the account. They can then send unauthorized messages to followers. Any goodwill which the campaign has built up can be endangered quickly. Even changing the account password and deleting the offensive messages will not bring back all the trust which has been lost. Selecting a secure password and behaving with care at all times are thus essential priorities.

Determining the interests of a target audience is not simple. The astute use of the social media can be a very good idea. This means that some time is needed. In addition to time, a segment of the target audience must be approached using the right means. The right means are always sensitive and conform to certain standards of behaviour. Neither a faux pas nor an argument is an acceptable type of behaviour. Everything must be done in a calm and assured manner if success is to be attained eventually.

Trust can be lost onsite too. If a site is not maintained adequately then users may well become disillusioned with the service being provided. Content which is generated by users simply has to be up to scratch. If it contains offensive or inappropriate material then a target audience will be deterred from using a site regularly. This cannot help one iota in the attraction of inbound links.

Similarly, content must be appropriate in terms of interest level and accuracy. If content is dull or of dubious utility then users are likely to go elsewhere. Glaring inaccuracies in spelling, grammar or fact will also have a detrimental impact on site performance over time. It has to be remembered that a site is looking for high quality links which are relevant. A campaign can only achieve this goal if it builds up the quality and relevance of the site in line with what the target audience are interested in.