The Importance of Kitten Vaccinations

Gaining feline companionship via the purchase of a singular or multiple numbers of kittens or cats can provide an exciting adding to any household. Their overall elegance and friendly nature promotes cats amongst the most popular choices when it comes to choosing a pet, with their general behavioural traits and aesthetic tones of coat adding to their appeal. All animals and reptiles that are purchased from a pet store or breeder for the purpose of being a pet within a residential property require quality of treatment, both within overall conditioning and nutritional provisions via food and water. Although their mothers provide some form of immunity during the early stages of life, the fragile nature of kittens means that their protection from a number of detrimental diseases highlights the imperativeness of kitten vaccinations.

From early birth and throughout their life, all cats require a series of vaccinations to provide an imperative defence against viruses and bacteria that can be contracted within the external environment or interactions with other felines. Valued as economical protection, all vaccines inject substances that increase the number of antibodies within a cat, therefore increasing the protection against all common and rare diseases that can be detrimental to the health and life of a kitten or cat. Although kittens and cats tend to spend the majority of their life within the interior of a residential property, allowing them to roam outdoors is appropriate in terms of their natural habitat and animal instincts; while this is beneficial, it elevates the potential of picking up a disease that affects the overall condition of a cat, either internally or upon their skin and coat.

As certain diseases can also be transmitted to human beings, it further emphasises the importance of highly recommended cat grooming and treatment via vaccinations. Veterinarians are the most reliable source of information regarding appropriate vaccinations and subsequent boosters that are essential during the early susceptible months and beyond of a cat’s life to ensure they stand a chance of reaching their life expectancy.