How to use estate agent reviews when letting a property

With there still being a lot of confusion as to what the property market is going to do over the next few years, it is no great surprise that many people are opting to let out their property rather than sell. As a financially driven move, this often makes a great deal of sense; not just in maximising the value of a property in the future, but with the rental market enjoying a boom in the present.

There are many factors that need to be taken care of when renting out a house or apartment, so understanding what needs to done and when is essential. It is good to research matters online. Choosing local estate agents proven in the rentals market is another sensible move, as they can help explain things and ensure all legalities are taken care of.

Researching local agents online is also a good deal easier and more time effective than traipsing from office to office. This is something that MeetMyAgent understands. We provide a forum for landlords to leave honest and open estate agent reviews, explaining what they are good at and providing excellent advice to ensure property owners make the best choice.

When using these reviews, it is important to read a good selection. After all, some people will not have the same experience as others so gaining a consensus of opinion makes sense. Things to look out for when reading the reviews are the types of properties they let, their experience in the field, whether they offer managed services and how professional they are.

Using reviews in this way allows a strong shortlist to be compiled, which can then be used to find which estate agents to discuss the let with. Going in to such discussions armed with challenging questions is important, whilst it is also worth noting down comments from the reviews to discuss with them as relevant.

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