A lost or broken Sky remote doesn’t have to mean disaster

Having Sky TV is great. No more dull evenings of the same old stuff and tired repeats. It’s like a whole new world of entertainment. No matter what people like they can find it on one of their new Sky channels. There are dedicated channels for movies, sport, news, drama and comedy. No matter what floats someone’s boat it’s all there every day of the week. The Sky Plus feature is even better. It allows the viewer to record a programme or an entire series at the click of a button. For anyone who had to program their video back in the day it’s an incredible leap forward! And all that from that tiny digibox.

So everything is going well, the whole family are loving the new channels and then disaster strikes. The remote goes missing or breaks. Suddenly that new world of entertainment comes crashing down. It’s a nightmare situation and one that needs to be sorted in a hurry.

Thankfully there are retailers who understand this. They know that all that enjoyment needs a Sky Plus remote to make it all happen. So when customers come to them in a flap, they pull out all the stops to ship a new unit same day. Panic over.

Buyme stock the official Sky Remote models, so no matter what people need they can find it and buy it fast. Buyme customers don’t have to put up with crawling around on their hands and knees trying to work the digibox without the Sky Plus Remote. They’ll have their unit in next to no time. Problem solved.

Losing or braking a remote doesn’t have to turn into a full blown crisis. Just one call or one visit to the website is all it takes to resolve the situation. Smart customers even plan ahead by investing in a spare just in case trouble strikes.

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