Improve access at work with a disability lift

Most people take their mobility for granted. They never really stop to think how challenging some everyday situations can be for someone in a wheelchair. Things like curbs and stairs make life difficult, but a few adjustments and changes can make a world of difference.

Legislation governing these matters has become tougher in recent years and rightly so. Building owners and employers need to ensure that everyone has access to each part of the building and they must do everything in their power to ensure that everyone can move about freely.

Making a building more accessible doesn’t have to involve making major changes or a whole heap of work. It just takes a few simple adjustments here and there to make life easier for everyone.

A disability lift should be fitted to make sure anyone in a wheelchair can get from floor to floor. Thanks to a wheelchair lift people don’t have to feel limited and restricted, nor do they have to request additional help or assistance.

DDA Lifts can help any building owner or employer bring their workplace up to scratch. They are a specialist provider of lifts that have been specially adapted for use by all workers, regardless of their mobility.

A wheelchair lift is a basic requirement in any office with several floors. Getting around doesn’t have to be an issue for staff with limited mobility. There’s a simple and cost effective solution that makes life better for everyone.

Thanks to a disability lift every floor becomes accessible. People don’t have to feel that their mobility is compromised and that they have to be treated differently just because they are in a chair. One call to DDA Lifts can rectify the situation and make the workplace an easier place to get around.

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