Get a Traditional Look for Your Home

A traditional looking home does not have to look old fashioned. If you love typical traditional furniture and decor, then there are ways to still have traditional style, warmth and cosiness, without it feeling like you have stepped into a time warp.

Many modern homes lack character and the focus on minimalism can make a great many homes feel clinical and cold. However, by having crowded living rooms packed with antiqued items, you run the risk of going too far the other way. Instead, very simple touches should be all it takes to have a traditional looking home in a very modern setting.

For example, in the living room, there are plenty of pieced of traditional furniture that will allow even the most modern looking rooms to have very traditional character. Keeping oak floors and wide spaces is a good thing, but by adding in attractive grandfather clocks and beautiful Chesterfields, you can mix the two sensibilities perfectly.

In the bathroom, claw foot tubs and traditional vanity mirrors could be all it takes to get a modern look, whilst in the kitchen a large ornate oven with rustic pots and pans hanging around can give even the most modern home a very traditional and attractive touch.

Fireplaces are also a very good way of getting character back into a lifeless home. Not only can the right fireplace be extremely attractive, but by lounging in front of a fire on Chesterfields, the opulence afforded will be far more welcomed than any modern touch.

In the bedroom, four-poster beds will transform any space, allowing you to have more modern features such as ceiling fans without losing character. Ultimately, those who want a traditional home, but don’t want to seem out of date are likely to only need a few choice items and in turn they are likely to have a home with not just a great deal more character, but also one that is a far more comfortable to boot.

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