The smarter way to make international calls

People increasingly have a need to stay in touch with friends and family all over the world. People are increasingly mobile and travel further than ever before for business, study and for pleasure. And in a world like this people need to be able to talk to friends, family and loved ones overseas.

Standard international call charges are still very high, but hard pressed consumers can get better deals by being smart and shopping around. Phone cards are a very popular way to get a better deal. They’ve been around for years and have caught on in many countries, the UK being no exception. Providers bulk buy minutes from the big international operators which they can then sell on at discounted rates to customers, meaning everyone gets a better deal. It’s a simple idea that means big savings for all.

Phone cards are the cheaper and more convenient way to make international calls. Each card is just like a credit card and can be carried around anywhere. Customers have a pin and access code so they can make cheap calls. There’s no chance of running up huge bills either. Customers pre pay for credit that they use until it’s all gone. It’s a great way to track spending when dialling overseas. No wonder international calling cards are so popular.

International calling cards help to make the world a little smaller and connect people over seas, borders and continents. There’s no need to pay over the odds to keep in touch. Dialling overseas doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury.

Planet Phonecards are one of the UK’s longest established and most popular operators. They have cards for every country around the world. No matter which country customers need to dial they can get better rates from Planet Phonecards and track their spending too.

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