Avoid Hidden Currency Charges

When you are changing a few quid here and there to go away on holiday, commission or hidden charges probably aren’t going to make a great deal of difference to the amount you receive. Paying out a few pence is unlikely to ultimately affect your holiday at all. However, if you happen to need to change a great deal of money or even simply transfer a good deal of money abroad, even a very low percentage of commission can suddenly mount up to a huge amount.

The best exchange rates are also rarely found on the high street. The actual comparative rate of currencies and the actual amount that is promoted by banks and travel companies can be vastly disparate and you may find that when any commission is placed on this by banks for their services, you can suddenly be very out of pocket.

The best exchange rates will usually be found with companies who deal exclusively in changing foreign currency. Because they will be dealing in such high volumes of currency, they will have far more favourable rates to offer and will be able to do so without adding in hidden charges for what is seen by other companies as a very specialist job.

No matter whether you need a large currency exchange for a specific occasion or even if you simply need to send a great deal of money overseas, you may be surprised just how much banks can charge to make such a transaction. Using a company that deals with large currency exchange each and every day will offer you the chance to save up to 4%, an amount that may not amount to much for the average holidaymaker, but an amount that could add up to thousands for those with larger sums to exchange or transfer.

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