How to Reward Employee Loyalty

Throughout each level of education, many individuals discover a passion or interest within a particular industry or line of work in which they hone their skills and qualifications upon towards enjoying a fruitful career. Personal factors, such as striving to further a career via a vacancy which offers a higher position, play a significant role within the decision for individuals to change jobs – a decision which means a company may have to conduct a recruitment process. The overall cost of searching for the best candidate to fill a vacancy can be considerable, although is a required procedure to ensure a business functions towards potential success. Although the transformation within personnel can vary depending on the size of a company and the number of individuals who decide to move onto pastures new, integrating reward systems to appreciate and acclaim those who show commitment and dedication over a number of years is a fitting tribute to loyal employees.

The traditional rewards for longevity and company loyalty via a carriage clock or wrist watch have, albeit considered items of value, been replaced by more appropriate modern rewards which match the level of expertise and knowledge provided during many years of service and employment. Offering rewards for those who remain loyal can influence employee motivation, as other staff members will see dedicated individuals receive awards which suit the years of hard work put in; this can act as a benchmark to new or less experienced employees who become more dedicated and loyal to achieve and merit the same reward. Irrespective of the choice of reward, whether it is vouchers or gift cards which can be used at an individual’s own discretion, reward systems can also be an attractive proposition to prospective candidates to fill a vacancy as they instantaneously see the value and appreciate that a company shows for individuals who use their skills, knowledge and experience over a number of years for the greater good of both themselves and the company.

For individuals who are newly employed or have been with a company for a number of months, integrating a reward system for long service can be the precise employee motivation required to instil and inspire loyalty, in addition to retaining experienced individuals who may be valuable to the daily running and operations of a company due to their expansive knowledge and industry experience.

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