Airport luxury is on the rise

In the past, airports tended to be much smaller than they are now and they were basic in nature, with relatively few amenities. However, these days, many of these transport hubs are packed with facilities to help ensure travellers have enjoyable experiences while they are waiting for their flights.

Firstly, when people arrive at the transport centres, they can leave their vehicles in airport car parking and, if they have an early or a late flight, they can make the most of airport hotels too.

Meanwhile, has pointed out that there is plenty for consumers to do once they step inside terminal buildings.

Travel expert at the firm Nadine Hallak said: “Luxurious airport experiences used to be reserved for the likes of celebrities and those with private planes, but today it applies to everyone and we can all enjoy the perks without the prices.”

She went on to state: “Airports are stepping up their game and providing travellers with the extraordinary experiences they’d hope to get in their holiday destination. With places to relax and interesting things to do while waiting for flights, the airport is no longer a chore and you just might wish your flight were delayed so you can enjoy it that bit more!”

At home in the UK, there are many activities for individuals who leave their vehicles in airport parking. Whether they’re using parking at Heathrow or any other hub, they might well be able to indulge in a little retail therapy, sample some impressive cuisine or relax with a drink.

Meanwhile, identified some other attractions found in airports around the world. For example, San Francisco International Airport boasts galleries throughout its terminals that showcase art, science, historical and cultural exhibitions.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport also has the wow factor, with a rainforest as one of its main features. This was relocated from the jungle to the hub’s Satellite Building.

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