Do Changes to Feed-In Tariffs Matter?

There has been much consternation about the governmentís plans to make changes to its Feed-In Tariff. Effectively, by reducing the amount they pay to those producing clean and efficient renewable energy, they have succeeded in putting many people off getting solar panels for their homes.

However, do these changes make that much difference? Ultimately, solar panels Bournemouth are a great investment even if the Feed-In Tariff didnít exist at all. Solar panels Bournemouth can save homeowners a huge amount of money on their energy bills even today, and with energy prices looking set to rise by at least 25% over the next few years, the amount of money that people are likely to save could be colossal in a very short space of time.

The Feed-In Tariff was merely an extra incentive to help persuade people to utilise more renewable energy and with so many people taking them up on the offer, the ability to sustain the incentive diminished. However, the government are still offering a very significant sum to those utilising renewable power, and the small cut is unlikely to have any major bearing on those wishing to invest. In fact, with solar panel costs Bournemouth dropping all the time, it is likely that the amount that people pay for panels today is going to be significantly less than many people who got such favourable Feed-In Tariff rates, making the overall investment very similar.

Ultimately, the changes to the Feed-In Tariff will indeed make things seem slightly less appealing on the surface, but with solar panel costs Bournemouth dropping and with energy prices set to rise dramatically, the actual changes are likely to make very little difference to how cost-effective utilising solar power will be. If anything, it is simply worth taking advantage of the rates offered now, as with so many people looking to use solar power, one day they might stop offering it to new customers altogether.

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