Forget new, Used Cranes will save you tons of money

The country has just entered a double-dip recession, economic growth is slow and there just isn’t the same amount of cash to splash about at the moment. Companies are trying to cut their overheads, keep a closer grip on their purse strings and generally save money where they can. Bearing that it mind if you are looking for a way to save money on Gantry cranes or other types of durable lifting equipment would you be prepared to invest in a selection of used cranes?

Your initial thought might be to buy brand new cranes but that might be a waste when Used Cranes represent such amazing value for money. The savings on Used Cranes are rather significant in direct comparison to new lifting equipment. Considering the current state of the economy Used Cranes seem to be the ideal option if you’re in the market for additional lifting gear.

So the big question is, will you buy new or opt for Used Cranes instead?

Don’t worry about the guarantee with used cranes

You could argue that you know where you are with brand new cranes they’ve never lifted anything in anger and because they are new they’ll come with comprehensive guarantees, unlike used versions of Gantry cranes. Hang fire a minute before you cast aspersions though because Used Cranes come with quality guarantees as well. Just because they’ve seen a bit of life that doesn’t mean to say Used Cranes haven’t got years of service left to give!

Far from it, Used Cranes are totally refurbished and they can be tailored to your individual requirements. Choose what you like from a dedicated stock of Used Cranes and they’ll lift and shift heavy loads with total efficiency whilst out on site.

What types of used cranes are available?

You name it and you’ll find it amongst collections of Used Cranes from a supplier of Gantry cranes. You’ll find Used Cranes with a choice of spans ranging from 5 metres to 28 metres. Choose Used Cranes by the height of their lift going from 4 to 12 metres in total. There are Used Cranes that weigh 1 tonne and gigantic 40 tonne monsters in stock, ready to get to work straight away. Rest assured whatever type of lifting gear you require you’ll save money and find the ideal equipment through a reputable supplier of Used Cranes. has the most fantastic collection of top notch, fully functional used cranes which are in perfect working order and are affordable to boot. Our Gantry cranes operate so efficiently and reliably.