Wheelchair lifts and ramps can transform the workplace

For people with limited mobility many everyday environments can become a challenge, which is all so unnecessary, because just a few simple adjustments can make the place more accessible.

It’s all too easy to be a little thoughtless about these matters. For anyone who can get around just fine there’s no need to think about stairs or other potential obstacles. For someone in a wheelchair it’s a whole different story and they need access to every part of the building in exactly the same way.

A wheelchair lift can make all of the difference. This one simple amendment to the office or building can transform access and make life much much easier. Installing a disability lift doesn’t have to be time consuming, complex or expensive. And anyway companies and building managers are compelled to provide suitable access for everyone by law.

DDA Lifts are experts in this field. They can adapt a workplace to include a wheelchair lift no problem at all. They have a choice of solutions and carry out the work themselves to ensure everything is taken care of quickly and efficiently. It’s time to open up the whole building and ensure everyone has access to every floor.

A new disability lift can transform the working lives of people who don’t have the same range of mobility. Life should be about equality and ease of access for everyone. It’s time to stop and think about the needs of everyone.

Stairs can pose a real challenge. Ramps and lifts make all of the difference. Perhaps it’s time to review current arrangements in the workplace and take the necessary steps to put things right. A consultation with DDA Lifts is the place to start. They’ll make the necessary recommendations and get to work to install the ramps and lifts to ensure everyone can get around freely.

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