Predictive Dialling

No matter whether your company is one big call centre, or whether you simply have a certain section of your business dedicated to outgoing and incoming calls, the right call centre software is going to be integral if you wish to improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and generally see the results you want.

For smaller businesses, understanding exactly which products or software will improve the service without excessive cost can be tricky and with so many different options available on the market, the choice can be somewhat bewildering.

The first thing to try to eliminate is wasted time. With so many people to call at any time, a huge amount of money can be thrown away by simply dialling numbers that ring out. Even smaller call centres that work as part of a much larger business are therefore likely to benefit from predictive dialler software.

Predictive dialler software works by allowing staff to easily log which calls have been successful, which customers need to have calls returned and which are simply of no use whatsoever. In turn, a list of numbers can easily be held in the computer for people who still need to be dialled, and these can be automatically dialled, passing only those that are answered through to any available staff members.

This kills many birds with just one stone. Not only will time not be wasted dialling numbers only to sit on the line waiting for no one answer, but each and every member of staff can be optimised at all times, ensuring that the software knows exactly which calls have been connected and which numbers will need to be tried again at a later time.

From scripting solutions to automatic dialling software right through to call recording, call centre software will often be even more important than those actually making the calls for you if you want to save money and get the best possible results.

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