Avoiding Problems with Gas Fires

Some people avoid buying fires because they have had problems with them in the past. However, in the majority of cases, any problems encountered will be the fault of the company selling the fire as opposed to the actual fire itself.

Many people have reported bad smells coming from gas fires, and in turn friends and family will often avoid getting such an option for their own home, feeling that they are likely to see the same problems. However, any gas fire needs to be broken-in to burn off the residue that will be left on the internal workings from the manufacturing process. The best companies will ensure that they conduct this break-in period on all fireplaces for you, but some will simply sell you the fire and leave you to get on with the job.

The good news is that such a break-in period is not too long. The residue should be burned off within 10-12 hours, meaning that outside of this time frame, you will have a fire that works perfectly. However, many people will turn on the fire for just a few minutes at a time and upon noticing the smell, simply turn it off, meaning that the fire never gets chance to fully burn off the residue.

For those with gas fires who have noticed problems with odour, it is therefore wise to open up all windows and doors and leave the fire on for one 12-hour stint to ensure that the residue is totally gone. Of course, simply ensuring you choose the right company in the first place should help you to avoid such problems from the start.

For those who are looking for a new gas fire, it is wise to check with any company to see if they break fireplaces in before they sell them or whether this is a process you will have to go through yourself.

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