School Lockers For Students And Teachers Alike

Teachers and students both have a need for school lockers that can provide an excellent level of security as well as space. However, both have very different requirements, particularly since teachers will most likely be storing personal items of great value. For instance, a PE teacher may need to remove items of jewellery before taking a class, whereas students require enough space for large folders alongside other objects like footballs. Storage solutions that students will use regularly will also need to be vandal and potentially even weather resistant, particularly if wet clothing it to be stored in them which might cause metal storage options to rust. Plastic varieties have been designed to not only resist vandalism but also the effects of the elements. Many people might consider something made from plastic to be a liability, but in actual fact these could be the best and longest lasting solution available. The best plastic education locker will make use of hinges that exceed the requirements for the FIRA industry standard. Polyethylene is a material that is resistant to water and other spillages, meaning that any leaking cans of pop or food will not cause an adverse affect on the material. As many schools look for long term investments, plastic lockers can prove to be one of the most trustworthy options available.

As far as teacher’s requirements go, there will not be the same requirements for vandalism protection. Steel options can provide a level of security that protects against a potential break-in and can prove to be a very cost-effective alternative to other options on the market. Having a coat rail will also be a good option for those who wish to store clothing temporarily. If a key is lost, the manufacturer of the storage solution should always be able to provide a master key.

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