Why do Kittens Show Aggression?

All cats have individual personalities, and in some a degree of aggression might simply be an aspect of their personality. It is important that rather than trying to eradicate this aspect of your cats personality, you try and accommodate it into your household.

Sometimes however, aggression can be a sign of underlying problems, and might require attention. Sometimes, aggression can be a symptom of disease. If the aggression of your pet is becoming a problem, then it is important to recognise why aggression might be happening, and how it can be treated and even cured.

Many people would argue that not only is aggression a common thing for your cat to have, but it is actually perfectly normal. Let’s think about a cat’s nature, and they are obligate carnivores, which means that they have to eat meat. This is bound to give cats some degree of natural aggression.

Whilst aggression is common and even the norm in cats, for kitten owners it can be disruptive. Getting to grips with better kitten care, and a better grasp over your cat’s aggression will involve, in part, understanding the kinds of aggression that your cat displays.

For example, it is common for kittens to display “play aggression.” This is where your cat will “play rough” either with their siblings or mother or you. This is a very natural part of a cat’s developement, and so not a cause for alarm.

At the other end of the scale, a cat might display aggression because they have a medical condition. This is kind of aggression might be coupled with other abnormal behaviour, such as repetitive behaviour or excessive meowing.

If you think that your cat has developed unnatural aggression, then it is very important that you seek help from your vet.

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