Dynamic Instrumentation – sophisticated condition monitoring equipment and services

An important process in ensuring the safety of equipment, condition monitoring allows us to detect in a more detailed way, the workings of a number of electrical systems.

Specialising in equipment designed to provide some of the most accurate condition monitoring, Dynamic Instrumentation are a company who pride themselves on their range of products and services.

As a major supplier of condition monitoring equipment designed for the mining and general industry, Dynamic Instrumentation are a South African-based company with over ten years of experience. Striving to ensure that their customers are well provided for, the range of condition monitoring equipment from Dynamic Instrumentation is comprehensive, available for a number of specialised applications and necessities.

Designed to protect against the any serious incident arising from Arc flash and electrocution, the C-Safe is an invaluable piece of condition monitoring equipment allows the user to ensure that it’s safe to open live electrical and secure cabinets without any danger. Because of the way the C-Safe condition monitoring works, with infrared technology looking through an inspection window, the inspection window is available to be retrofitted to existing installations, and is able to be supplied with new safety cabinets.

The T6-P is another piece of condition monitoring equipment, this time capable of providing the user with detailed, high resolution images and accurate temperature results. Designed for a number of uses, this handheld thermal image camera is idea for instant infrared troubleshooting within a number of fields.

In addition to their condition monitoring products, and unlike other companies who supply condition monitoring products, Dynamic Instrumentation are able to supply their customers with comprehensive training and support on all their condition monitoring products.

For further information about the condition monitoring equipment from Dynamic Instrumentation, visit them online today and ensure that your equipment stays functioning safely.



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