Rocketing Petrol Prices Require a Great Deal on Insurance

Recent escalations in fuel costs have meant more significant increases in overheads for small businesses that rely on road transport. For large companies, this means huge fuel-related bills: though no official figures exist, haulage giant Eddie Stobart’s annual fuel outlay can be calculated using current fuel prices and the company’s estimated annual mileage of 80 million, the result tells us that this figure is approximately ?28.4 million.

This seems colossal, but for a company of the size of Eddie Stobart, this amount can be justified and paid for. For small, independent businesses – a family run joinery firm that relies on a van to get from job to job, for instance – rising overheads are less easily accounted for and can put the financial future of a business at risk, so savings have to be found elsewhere.

Insurance costs are an area where efficiency can be achieved. Cheap van insurance can be found online by using price comparison sites. You must select an appropriate level of cover for your vehicle and factor this into your quote before you proceed.

Specialist commercial van insurance companies will help small businesses find the right level of cover to suit their particular needs. Always remember when arranging commercial van insurance that it is important to provide accurate information to ensure any claim will be paid for: incorrect information may result in a claim being refused.

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