Strategic Planning London – Strategy Matters!

85% of companies in the UK are pre-occupied with a day to day struggle to survive. It is rare for such companies to have a strategy and even rarer for them to have a strategic plan. And those strugglers that do have a strategy either have the wrong strategy or are poor at execution or both.

Founded in 1997, Compete to Win transforms companies. With its renowned Strategic Planning London service, Compete to Win works with ambitious boards and entrepreneurs to help them device robust compelling winning strategies that are executed with commitment, passion and pace. Such companies play at the top of their game and excel. Uniquely, Compete to Win guarantees the quality of its work and that the value it adds will exceed its fees.

Strategy matters. In fact, it matters a great deal. Compete to Win has deep expertise in strategy and has built a world class reputation for its Strategic Planning London service. At a fundamental level a strategy is a combination of five or six business critical actions, sometimes known as strategic thrusts. However, what it not commonly known is that there are different types of strategies and the one that is most effective for an individual company is determined by the competitive position of the company. For example, the most effective strategy for a market leader is totally different to the most effective one for a number three player which in turn is fundamentally different to the optimum one for a small player. Chose the wrong strategy and you’ll struggle. Chose to have no strategy and you’ll struggle. Choose the right strategy with the help of Compete to Win’s Strategic Planning London service and execute with commitment, passion and pace and you’ll excel.

Compete to Win’s Strategic Planning London team believes that with the right strategy any business, irrespective of the state of the economy, irrespective of its position in the market and irrespective of its size can step up its performance and excel. Compete to Win’s Strategic Planning London service follows a rapid and rigorous collaborative process that enables boards and business owners devise and develop their own robust compelling winning strategies. By working collaboratively, Compete to Win’s Strategic Planning London team ensures the management feel ownership for strategic plan they have developed and consequently are highly motivated to implement it.

The Strategic Planning London section of Compete to Win’s web site has a list of strategic planning do’s and don’ts. For more information, visit or call Compete to Win and enquire about its world class Strategic Planning London service. If your strategy is not working, look no further than Compete to Win and its Strategic Planning London service for expert assistance.



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