Online Football Bets Advice


There are lots of different ways for football enthusiasts to place a bet and sticking to simple match betting is not for everyone. This is why there are so many markets to choose from if you bet online at Bet Victor. It’s always good to try another betting market every once in a while, especially if luck has been in short supply.

Try Outright Betting

The trick is to get your bets in early with outright bets. At the beginning of last season,who would have thought that Manchester City would have beaten Man United on goal difference to win the Premiership title? Chelsea beating Barcelona in the semi-final of the Champions League to go on and win it would have made some people a lot of money. If these outright bets were placed early in the competitions they would have received good odds. As the competitions progressed the odds would become shorter and less appealing.

Guessing the Correct Score

This is a difficult bet but one that is related to huge pay-outs. To get a large win choose two correct scores and the odds can be astronomical. By using a bit of football knowledge and basing choices on current form and availability people can make a lot of money. It’s not uncommon for a double where two teams win 2-0 or 2-1 to pay out at over 100/1.

First, Next and Last Scorers

These bets add lots of excitement to games and there are advantages to all of them. The first scorer can be hard to pick in some games, but in others there are clear favourites. Choosing the next goal scorer is easier if you are watching the game, but choosing who will score last is best way to sustain the tension all the way through the game. Just make sure your player is playing, playing well and not about to get substituted.

Choosing Your Favourite Bets

There are so many betting markets to explore when you bet online at Bet Victor, but you only have to bet on what you are confident of getting a win from. The best advice is to try a few different types of bets until you find the one that you like and perfect that until you get regular winners.