Rab mountaineering equipment has a long and fruitful history in the industry. For almost three decades Rab have been providing and creating some of the best mountaineering equipment you can find. When it comes to the mountaineering world, mentioning the name Rab is sure to get you some positive opinions. When it comes down to it, the association of the brand name Rab with quality is all down to the merchandise itself and positive word of mouth. You simply cannot manufacture an opinion in a relatively niche activity like mountaineering, you have to put your money where your mouth is and create equipment worthy of the praise you think it should deserve. Rab have taken this test, and I’m sure to say they’ve passed it spectacularly. With Rab, you know you are getting some of the best equipment you can get in the industry, and while word of mouth is good for building confidence in the brand, people sometimes have to try things out for themselves in order to become a fan of the product. If you are interested in mountaineering, I do suggest using Rab equipment at least once. There are far more mountaineering clothing brands out there than just Rab and maybe a few of them have a little more to offer, but you cannot beat Rab in terms of quality for cost.


No matter the weather conditions, Rab mountaineering clothing will keep you warm and keep you dry. The last thing you need in the wilderness is to be soaked through and freezing, it is tremendously easy to get all kinds of illnesses from being out in the cold and wet. Less than optimal conditions are always bad for mountaineering, but you can at least be sure that when wearing Rab mountaineering clothing that you are able to weather the worst of it no matter where you are. Staying secure, warm, and dry are effectively what stands between life and death in a bad situation, and for this reason you have to plan ahead for the worst that mountaineering can throw at you. With Rab mountaineering clothing, nothing can stop you.



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