Appeal to Customers with Business e-Cards this Christmas

E-cards are becoming increasingly popular amongst individuals for sending greetings all over the world, and some even attribute their popularity to the demise of high street card shops such as Clintons and Birthdays. Email is the preferred communication tool of many people – quick, easy, free and convenient, it allows those who receive it to read it at their leisure, without cluttering up their homes full of paper and envelopes. And of course, no postage charges either!

When you come to send out your business holiday cards this year, consider sending corporate Christmas e-cards instead of paper versions. Not only will this work out cheaper to you, but it is probably a more efficient way of communicating with your customers and one which they will prefer. Designing your corporate e-cards is easy – select a design template and adjust it to add your own wording, signatures, and logo as you prefer to get the precise look you want. Your card can be ready in just a few minutes and all you have to do then is pay for it.

There are other things you may want to include in your corporate Christmas e-cards too – specific company images, and particular fonts and colours to match your company’s branding, for example. If you choose eCO2 Greetings for your corporate e-cards, you’ll also benefit from a message regarding their environmental policy – they plant a minimum of 10 trees on your organisation’s behalf when you order through them and this act of sustainability is a particularly popular feature with customers at a time when we are all looking to reduce our carbon footprint.

In a similar fashion, if your company has made any particularly charitable donations throughout the year this is worth a mention. Should the charity agree, you can even include their logo too.

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