Do You Need Planning Permission?

If you are considering hiring a temporary building, it can be easy to feel confused around the planning permission issue because it is an area that isn’t set in stone and one that can get complicated.

Generally, as a rule, if you are using the building for more than 28 days then you should apply for planning permission. Applications can take a number of months and there is a chance the temporary building will have come and gone before the application has even been processed.

If you go ahead without permission for your portable office, the local council may ask you to make a retrospective planning application. If this request is then turned down, then it will mean that everything will need to be put back as it was. There is an opportunity to appeal but if this is once again refused, and you continue to not comply there is a chance of prosecution. This entire process can result in being a long and costly one, so it is always advisable to gen up on the requirements before you make any commitments to installing your building.

To make an application for planning permission, you will need to apply to your local council. They will take into consideration the complex itself – its size, layout and external appearance, the impact on the neighbourhood, the proposed use of the development and the availability of the buildings, for example if it is easily accessible.

Elite Systems provide a range of different industry sectors with stylish temporary buildings and prefabricated buildings, but can also provide you with all the relevant information you need or even make submissions to Building Control on your behalf. This can be a great weight off your mind, particularly if you don’t feel confident in completing the application or do not have time to dedicate to it.

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