Choosing the right Chicken Feed

The number of people keeping chickens is on the rise, as more and more people discover the joys of rearing your own poultry. Making sure your chicken gets the right nutrition is very important and ensures you’ll get the best eggs and meat from your chickens.

Choosing the right chicken feed is important for rearing healthy chickens. The type of chicken feed you provide them with will vary through their life, with different feed available for young chicks, growers and layers. Depending on your own and your chickens’ preferences you may select grit, pellets, crumb, maize or corn chicken feed. Be careful with corn chicken feed though. It can encourage chickens to grow fat and fat chickens do not produce eggs.

The different life stages of a chicken means they have different requirements at the varying stages in their life. For young chicks who have only just hatched, crumb chicken feed is ideal. Easy to digest and packed full of nutrients, this type of chicken feed will give your young chicks all the energy they need to grow…and grow! Ideally, crumb chicken feed should be feed until at least six weeks of age. After this you’ll move onto grower chicken feed. This type of chicken feed is high in protein; essential for the growth of feathers.

As your chickens mature and become layers, you’ll again need to switch the type of chicken feed you give them. As well as stimulating egg production, layer chicken feed will also ensure the eggs produced are of a good quality. Packed full of protein and calcium, layer chicken feed ensures strong egg shells and excellent production. The chicken feed your layers eat affects the taste of the eggs they produce; the higher the quality of chicken feed, the higher the quality of eggs they produce. Remember to give your layer plenty of water alongside their chicken feed. are experts in chicken feed. Offering pet supplies Surrey as well as East Berkshire, North Surrey, West Middlesex and South Bucks, they’ll deliver quality chicken feed to your doorstep free of charge.



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