Durability Benefits of Wood Floors

While many homeowners may focus on interior design layouts using furniture and décor chosen on personal taste, the choice of flooring is equally important. Although floors are primarily fitted to provide protection to a building’s foundations on each floor, they carry their own visual qualities which can improve the outlook of any room.

Carpets have long remained the traditional choice of flooring across households within the United Kingdom. The softness and texture of fabric used to manufacture carpet provides a soft, comfortable feel upon the feet which eases the pressure and strain placed on the legs when walking. They are available in a wide range of colours and patterns to create their own unique feature within a room which finely accompanies household furniture and décor.

Despite its softness and vibrant appearance, carpets can become worn and degraded over a period of time. Extensive use, culminated in the continual trail of dirt and mud brought in from outside via shoes, can result in a thread-bare carpet. This only decreases its practicality elements, but also its aesthetical quality within a household.

Homeowners who turn to solid wood flooring within a newly built or current existing property can reap the full benefits of its longevity. Wood floors are manufactured using the most durable timbers which are packed with naturalistic character and quality that is exclusive to wood.

The current economic climate has led to many homeowners analysing their financial outgoings to ensure there are no areas that can be considered as avoidable expenditure. Choosing to install solid wood flooring within selected rooms, or across an entire property, over carpet can result in greater value for money. Not only do wood floors requires less maintenance to preserve their quality and ensure they remain clean, but also last considerably longer than carpets.

The substantial durability, in addition to the apparent visual qualities provided by timber (the character and grain of wood further improves with age as it matures), can allow homeowners to value wooden floors as an excellent, long-lasting investment.

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