UIA Household Insurance

UIA household insurance is growing in popularity as more and more people take advantage of this great insurance. In the current climate it is really hard for consumers to find good insurance products that they can trust. UIA have worked hard in their 100 year history to always maintain a good relationship with their customers. They have always worked to a strict set of principles and resisted the temptation to cut corners just to make a little more profit for themselves. Their strapline is insurance with principles and that is pretty much what people get when they use UIA products.

Why People are Choosing UIA Household Insurance

As well as consumers feeling that they can trust UIA household insurance products they are buying because of the fair pricing UIA has. They offer good value to all of their clients whether they are insuring a bedsit or a mansion. They are a mutual, so are owned by the policyholders, which is the main reason they can keep their prices so low. They do not need to worry about making a profit to pay shareholder dividends.

They pride themselves on offering outstanding customer service. The fact that they are a mutual helps here too. They aim to do more than just meet the needs of their customers, the aim of the customer service team is to exceed every clients expectations. UIA are a forward thinking company that is always innovating, an approach that is driven by their aim to excel.

UIA follow all guidelines laid down by the regulators. They are happy to go the extra mile to help their industry. In addition, they help others by making contributions to charities and community groups. Members of certain groups and unions are entitled to an additional discount.

Buying UIA Household Insurance

Buying UIA household insurance could not be simpler. All you need to do is to go on-line and get a quote. If you prefer to speak to an operator you can call them or you can request a call back via their website. The quotes they give take into account everything relevant, so the quote given is a reliable one.

To find out more about UIA household insurance and get a quote visit their website.