Say goodbye to traffic following CBT training London

You’ve got to admit, traveling through London can be a nightmare at times and the congestion seems to get worse every day. How long does it take you to travel to and from work on a daily basis, bet you’re sick of the commute aren’t you? So why not take part in CBT training London and you could ride a moped or a motorbike up to 125cc using L plates for a period of two years? CBT training London provides you with the basic skills and knowledge you require to ride a bike and it’s delivered by experts that provide riders with high quality motorcycle training London.

CBT training London gives you the freedom and the flexibility to cut through city traffic leaving stranded motorists in your wake. The morning and evening commute would be much more bearable if you decided to go ahead with CBT training London.

What does CBT training London involve?

Book CBT training London at a rider centre that provides the finest motorcycle training London and you’ll receive tuition on a one day course. A number of elements are covered during the CBT training London including a detailed introduction to riding, practical on-site riding and training, plus practical on-road training and riding as well.

All of the CBT training London is completed under the watchful eye of highly experienced instructors who will only pass you if they feel you are safe and competent to ride a bike. Having completed the CBT training London you are handed a certificate of completion and this means you can ride a moped or a bike up to 125cc (if you are over 21) with L plates for a period of up to 2 years.

Think of the advantages of CBT training London

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to hop on a bike and cut through traffic with ease following CBT training London? Take part in motorcycle training London and that’s exactly what you can do anytime that you like. Mopeds are cheap to run, they’re fuel efficient, low on tax and insurance and CBT training London could lead to bigger and better things. Who knows? If you like biking about the city following CBT training London you could be bitten by the bug and want to take your full motorbike licence in the future.


CBT training London can give you all the skills you need and at we can provide the highest quality motorcycle training London at the most competitive of prices. Visit us today for more information!