Garden envy is rife

These days, there are plenty of ways in which people can enhance their outdoor areas. For example, consumers can invest in teak garden furniture and so on to boost both the look and functionality of their gardens.

However, it seems that not everyone is happy with their own outdoor spaces. According to a poll conducted by Roundup Gel, 42 per cent of adults are envious of their neighbours’ gardens. Meanwhile, over a third of respondents revealed they wished their gardens looked as impressive as their counterparts over the fence.

Also, it seems that when it comes to gardens, size really does matter. The survey found that the biggest cause of jealousy was other people having larger outdoor areas. This was followed by well-manicured lawns.

Another cause of envy was garden furniture, while tidy borders and blooming flowers were also high on the list.

Responding to the findings, Roundup Gel spokesman Gary Philpotts said: “This research clearly shows that there is some competition going on in UK neighbourhoods. Gardens are different to other aspects of our homes in the sense that many people can have a sneaky look from their back window or over the fence.

“It’s healthy to have a bit of jealousy every now and then as it keeps everyone on their toes. Obviously nothing can be done about the size or location of a garden but virtually anyone can have a perfect lawn or blooming flowers.”

These days, many people head online when they are on the lookout for wooden garden furniture so on to enhance their outdoor spaces. Sourcing products in this way can be more convenient for busy consumers and it also means they have a broader range of products to choose from. In addition, individuals are in search of impressive offers when they head into cyberspace.

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