Make your prom one to remember

If you’re like many students, there’s one event that’ll be on your mind for weeks, months and even years beforehand—the prom. It’s a chance to celebrate your educational achievement and makes all those long hours of studying worthwhile, and if you want to make your prom one to remember you need to get planning.

The most important consideration will always be your prom dress. Prom dresses are all about elegance and luxury, with ball gowns often being the style of choice. Keep it formal and high-class and you can’t go wrong, but above all make it unique—a poorly fitting dress will do you no favours, which is why it’s always best to have it tailored according to your exact measurements. Find a dress you like and ask a dressmaker to alter it, because no matter how good a dress may be it can always be improved with a bit of time and attention.

Ideally you’ll want to try and make sure that no-one will turn up wearing the same gown as you, so try to do a bit of snooping before the big event. You’ll need to start planning early too—it’s an incredibly important purchase so should never be left until the last minute, because there’s nothing worse than flying around and not finding any ball gowns suitable. You wouldn’t want to turn up underdressed, after all…

Once the prom dresses are sorted it’s time to start looking into other arrangements. Finding a date for the event is often high on the list of priorities but it can be just as fun going with a group of girlfriends, so don’t panic if you’re going it alone. Then, making your entrance—limos are often the vehicle of choice for arriving at the venue in style, but there’s nothing wrong with using your imagination. These days you can rent everything from stretch minis to fire engines, so make sure to get planning (and have your camera at the ready) and your prom will easily be one to remember.

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