Unusual vase for artificial flowers

These days, people not only have a wide range of artificial greenery and flowers to choose from, they can also take their pick from an array of different vessels to store the items in. However, one individual has taken this to another level, suggesting a highly unusual receptacle for floral arrangements.

Michael Reid, who goes by the nickname Spike, is among the privileged group of torchbearers who have carried the Olympic flame on its journey around the UK. Since his moment in the spotlight, the 29-year-old has been thinking of possible uses for the torch.

Unlike many of the torchbearers, he does not intend to sell the item on eBay. Instead, he has come up with a variety of ways in which the impressive golden trophy can be utilised and one of these was as a vase for artificial floral arrangements.

Meanwhile, Mr Reid pointed out it could also be used as an ice cream cone for the Queen to eat from during her Jubilee celebrations. An even more far-fetched use was as a Nimbus 2012 broomstick, which is a higher powered version than the Nimbus 2000 from the Harry Potter books.

Commenting on the inspiration behind his ideas, he revealed they cropped up during discussions with his friends and family. He stated: “We kind of passed it around and thought up new things that it could do. It’s a great design: I think they’ve done an amazing job with it.

“It didn’t take that long to get to 101, we kept on coming up with new ones and if we kept on playing we could probably have come up with 200.”

Thankfully, consumers do not have to go to such extreme lengths to get their hands on the perfect vases and artificial greenery and flowers to fill them. They can simply head online and take their pick from a range of products.

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