MOT Advice

Once your car reaches the age of three years old, it is a legal requirement to have it tested to ensure that it meets road and environmental safety regulations. The rules governing MOT tests are slightly different for taxis but the basic principles remain the same and it is not only your legal responsibility to ensure that your car is roadworthy for its test but throughout the year. As such, there are certain tests you can carry out yourself to help minimise the potential cost of your next test and to ensure continued compliance with the law.


Check your tyre pressure levels regularly. Everything from driving your car to leaving it standing can lead to some loss in tyre pressure and those cars that have grossly deflated tyres or tyres with different pressures can become a danger when on the road. Handling becomes more difficult and the car’s ability to brake may also be affected.


When it comes to tyres, it isn’t just the pressure that is tested. The tread condition and depth will also be measured and if there are signs of wear and possible tyre failure you may find that this will be enough for you to fail your test. Find out how deep your tread should be and then measure your tyres to determine compliance.


Check the lights on your car too. A broken or inoperable bulb can, and usually will lead to an MOT failure but they are relatively simple to replace. Some shops that sell bulbs will even replace them for you at little or no extra cost. You will need somebody’s help to ensure that braking lights and other lights are working properly. You can get pulled over by the police if your lights do not work properly.


When you have your test done, you will be provided with details of the results including either a certificate or details of why your car failed. You can seek MOT advice from the garage that conducted the test and they will usually be able to complete any work that is required to ensure that your car is ready to pass when it is tested once again.


For further MOT advice visit You can find tips on how to prepare your car for its MOT as well as more details on your legal requirements.