Change of attitude to hospitality jobs is required

There is no shortage of hospitality jobs in the UK. With a burgeoning dining scene and plenty of tourism to help fill hotels, restaurants and so on, demand for waiters, chefs, managers and other such specialists is strong.

However, despite the resilience of hospitality recruitment, there may be a problem for some of those seeking work in the industry, it has been suggested. According to high-profile chef Michael Caines, youngsters in the UK require better training to help them compete with motivated and skilled specialists from overseas.

Speaking to the Western Morning News, the two Michelin-starred cook, who is based at the prestigious Gidleigh Park, said: “You have these young people coming in from Europe who are incredibly skilled and have a fantastic attitude and work ethic … young kids from the UK are missing out on these jobs.”

He pointed out that hospitality jobs tend to be awarded higher status on the continent than they are in Britain and this can affect people’s approach to them.

According to the chef, some people are more inclined to think “this job will have to do”, rather than “I can really shine at this”.

Meanwhile, the Western Morning News stated: “Of course not everyone can work at Gidleigh Park, Mr Caines’ Michelin-starred hotel and restaurant on Dartmoor where the cookery and the service are second to none. But there is no reason to give poor service; or poor food at every price point and no reason that waiters and waitresses along with kitchen staff, front-of-house and other employees should not give of their best wherever they work.”

It added that it is important to instil a new sense of pride in the service sector.

When it comes to hospitality recruitment, the internet is the place to go. By heading online, employers can advertise positions and candidates can peruse their options and apply for roles that suit them.

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