What are Horse Rugs Used For?

Looking after a horse isn’t easy. As well as the right kind of equipment, from rugs to saddles, you also need to treat your animal with respect. It’s this latter point that’s the most important, and whether your horses are competitive animals or not they deserve to be treated with tender love and kindness.

Actually, it’s wrong to draw distinction between the respect you give your animals and the equipment you use to care for your horse. It’s all connected, and if you love your horse you’ll care for it with the right equipment.

An essential piece of equipment for anyone who cares for a horse is a horse rug. They are used for a variety of reasons:

Turnout rugs are used to keep horses warm when they are out in the field, (pasture.) They are used all through the year, expect when it’s really hot. When horses have been clipped they can be susceptible to the cold and wet weather, and so turnout rugs protect their welfare.

Flies can also affect the health and wellbeing of a horse, as well as annoying them. Anyone who deals with horses will understand that flies are drawn to them. It’s not enough for a horse to swat at flies with their tail, and you can protect them from flies, and the diseases they carry, with fly rugs.

When a horse is in the stable, they will still benefit from a blanket or rug. These are called stable blankets and are again used to keep the horse warm and dry, and protected from flies.

Additionally, you can get various thicknesses of rugs and blankets suitable for different times of the year, temperatures and weather conditions.

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